MORE-UFT Stands with Survivors and Calls on the UFT to Rescind the Endorsement of Scott Stringer Immediately

In light of recent allegations made against Mayoral candidate and New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, we call on the UFT to immediately rescind their endorsement of Stringer and begin a process of engaging rank and file membership at meetings at the chapter level to determine next steps, including a rank and file endorsement vote that includes Dianne Morales. 

The UFT Endorsement process was undemocratic to begin with. Rank and file members had very little decision-making power nor understanding of the process. At the Delegate Assembly, all leadership speaking were male. Rank and file members then learned of the UFT leadership’s position on Stringer via a press statement, released by a journalist.

The UFT’s brief statement in defense of Scott Stringer yesterday was appalling. Similar to UFT’s silence on allegations against Cuomo, the UFT’s failure to demand accountability from Scott Stringer adds insult to injury, suggesting the UFT prioritizes relationships with politicians over the experiences of survivors and that of members in our union.  

We want our union leadership to make it clear that sexual harassment and assault have no place in the workplace, or our society; not hide behind an abuser’s excuses or “long history of supporting women.” As a majority female union, it is essential that our leadership stand with survivors of sexual assault and against sexual harassment and abuse.

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