MORE Contract Materials: Engage in discussion and action with your chapter for a fair and just contract

Picket line at a Bronx HS on opening day 2020 demanding the UFT negotiate a new re-opening agreement to protect their health and safety

The city and the UFT will likely negotiate a new Memorandum of Agreement for the fall of 2021. Additionally, the current UFT contract expires in September 2022 and negotiations will begin next school year. Having our rank-and-file voices heard will an be organizing priority for our caucus in both of these negotiations. This strikes at the heart of our mission: defending members’ rights and fighting for social justice, a democratic union, and empowered workers in schools. 

What are you and your colleagues willing to do to achieve the union contract you want and that we and our students deserve? Will you attend panels and picket politicians? Will you organize a petition and walk-in with your colleagues? Will you reach out to other schools in your building and neighborhood? You can begin your chapter’s discussion with these materials:

Contract Roadshow Presentation: Details past agreements, contract fights, and rights that were lost by UNITY Caucus in negotiations with the city. 

Pre-survey readings and rankings of demands: This is a work-in-progress list of possible contract demands. Think of it as a hook. 

Survey: Results will go to MORE Caucus UFT and we will publish a summary of results.

These materials are meant to help propel discussions in chapters around contract visions, both in terms of potential demands and potential actions. Please email if you want support organizing with or introducing this to your chapter. We have district committees and working groups that support this type of work. 

Now is the time to begin organizing for the fair and just contract that we need to make the schools our city deserves. 

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