New York City Schools need to shut down – yesterday

[MORE-UFT asks all UFT members, families and students who rely on the DOE to sign and circulate this petition to close NYC Schools – please see below for additional demands to paste in] With the appearance of the New York City Schools’ first coronavirus case today, and the declaration of a state of emergency andContinue reading “New York City Schools need to shut down – yesterday”

January Observation Report for the UFT Leadership

Summary: United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew effectively addressed the census crisis in our city, victim-blaming residents in disenfranchised and disadvantaged neighborhoods for not properly filing their census surveys and causing a lack of funding for our city’s schools. As will be discussed below, Mr. Mulgrew was also able to differentiate this victim-blaming withContinue reading “January Observation Report for the UFT Leadership”

We need a UFT contract that keeps up with wage growth!

The November 2019 economic data shows what is widely described as sluggish wage growth. Unfortunately for NYC educators, it also shows that average wages in the United States are also growing faster than the salaries of UFT members. While the 2019 UFT contract provides average annual salary increases of approximately 2.1%, US wage growth hasContinue reading “We need a UFT contract that keeps up with wage growth!”

Students and Teachers Fight Back Against School Segregation

By Aixa Rodriguez and Peter Lamphere Students and teachers are pointing  the way forward for getting action, not just rhetoric, on the issue of racial equity in schools. And their actions have deep roots.   The national teacher strike wave took a qualitative step forward last month when racial justice and school segregation motivated teachers inContinue reading “Students and Teachers Fight Back Against School Segregation”

A system that is separate is not equal

by the Friends of PS 305 A merger between zoned school P.S. 305 and lottery school The Academy of Arts and Letters in the NYCDOE’s District 13 could soon become official. The Panel for Educational Policy will cast the deciding vote on January 29th. The plan has been celebrated as a model for integrating publicContinue reading “A system that is separate is not equal”

Do Black Lives Matter in your School?

The Black Lives Matter at Schools Week of Action is a national movement to recognize the role of systemic racism in the school system and take action, inside and outside the classroom, to educate and uplift the 13 guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Week of Action will take place from FebruaryContinue reading “Do Black Lives Matter in your School?”

Register for CRSE Curriculum Fair and Social Justice Town Hall!

The culturally relevant and sustaining education curriculum fair and town hall is one week away! Please join us for a day of sharing curriculum, music, social justice workshops, and relationship building with educational justice groups Register here! Saturday, November 2nd – 10AM – 3PM at City-As-School at 16 Clarkson St. in Manhattan – Detailed ScheduleContinue reading “Register for CRSE Curriculum Fair and Social Justice Town Hall!”

Solidarity With Striking Chicago Teachers and School Employees

Chicago teachers and school staff have been on strike for two days now for lower class sizes, better staffing ratios for counselors and librarians, and more affordable housing for students. Let’s all follow the example of PS58 in Brooklyn and flood social media with some #RedForEd solidarity photos from all over, with the hashtags #CTUSEIUstrikeContinue reading “Solidarity With Striking Chicago Teachers and School Employees”