Is the contract suspended?

Online Forms for Chapter Leaders File a Step 1 Grievance Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the online grievance process is suspended. You are encouraged to attempt informal resolutions in the meantime. If you have any questions, please contact the UFT at 212-331-6311. ******************************* UFT chapter leaders who attempted to defend their members’ rights by filingContinue reading “Is the contract suspended?”

Parents, educators and students call for equity & compassion in remote learning

This open letter has been signed by MORE, AQE, CEJ, CEC4, CEC5, CEC6, CEC 14, Rank & File Action/PSC, OFENY, NYCOptOut, P.S. 364M Earth School, P.S. 194K Raoul Wallenberg, IntegrateNYC, and Teens Take Charge.  Are you an organization that would like to sign on to this call? Please fill out the endorsement form here. [VersiónContinue reading “Parents, educators and students call for equity & compassion in remote learning”

¡Bajar el ritmo en el receso de primavera!

El Movement of Rank and File Educators pide una ralentización en las vacaciones de primavera [for English, click here] La semana pasada, el gobernador de Nueva York, Andrew Cuomo, ordenó a todos los distritos que cancelaran sus vacaciones de primavera programadas regularmente y que continuaran sin pausa con la instrucción obligatoria. En la ciudad deContinue reading “¡Bajar el ritmo en el receso de primavera!”

Give Credit for Cancelled Regents Exams!

**UPDATE**: The Regents Exams have been cancelled! Thank you to those who have demanded justice on this issue. However, the fight continues. We need to make sure that all current students are not penalized for the cancellation of the June 2020 Regents Exam. Such graduation requirements should be waived for all students currently enrolled inContinue reading “Give Credit for Cancelled Regents Exams!”

Cuomo + UFT: Our Students Need Spring Break, and So Do We

Students, families, and educators need a break for this ongoing health crisis – occasional breaks are as critical as instruction when it comes to learning On Monday, March 30th, the New York State Education Department ordered school districts to continue remote learning through what was contractually agreed upon as Spring Break. While Governor Cuomo todayContinue reading “Cuomo + UFT: Our Students Need Spring Break, and So Do We”

Cuomo, Don’t Hit Teachers When We’re Down: We Need Fully Funded Schools and Spring Break

Liat Olenick, Brooklyn Arbor Chapter Leader and Elementary School Teacher The last few weeks have been an overwhelming whirlwind for New York’s teachers. We have worked long days preparing for remote learning and supporting families, with some teachers reporting that remote learning is non-stop from 8 am to 10 pm. We’ve called our students toContinue reading “Cuomo, Don’t Hit Teachers When We’re Down: We Need Fully Funded Schools and Spring Break”

Join a MORE organizing call this week!

When there are looming “drastic” budget cuts instead of demands that the rich pay their fair share, it’s clear that we will have to stick together and fight for what our communities deserve. Join an organizing call this week! In the past week, hundreds of educators have pitched in, as they, their fellow teachers, nurses, deliveryContinue reading “Join a MORE organizing call this week!”

Protecting our rights in a contractual never-never land

By Kit Wainer Retiree, former Chapter Leader, Leon M. Goldstein H.S. What rights do UFT members have when there is no school to which to report and traditional program rules don’t seem to apply? MORE’s committee on working conditions under remote learning met on March 24 to address problems members are facing trying to navigateContinue reading “Protecting our rights in a contractual never-never land”

The Bronx Needs Resources NOW

BRONX ELECTED OFFICIALS STAY SILENT ON BRINGING ESSENTIAL COVID-19 RESPONSE RESOURCES TO THE BOROUGH; FAMILIES TOLD TO “JUST STAY HOME” Bronx elected officials tow Dept. of Health line, “stay home”, while making little to no public demands for their already high risk constituents to access CoVid-19 response resources. Please Sign Our Petition Please contribute toContinue reading “The Bronx Needs Resources NOW”