Members file improper practice charge vs. UFT for lack of representation during pandemic

After schools finally closed in mid-March, United Federation of Teachers members trying to file grievances about the DOEs mishandling of COVID-19 were shocked to find the union telling them their right to grieve was halted indefinitely. 

Now, some of these members, including Chapter Leaders at three schools, are filing an improper practice charge against the UFT with the New York State Public Employees Relations Board for violating its duty of fair representation.

Bias Against Black Teachers in the DOE

by Marian Swerdlow The Chief’s excellent coverage of the case of Principal Minerva Zanca (“DOE Ripped for Backing Principal Accused of Blatant Racial Bias,” 1/31/2020, et. al.) draws back the curtain on a situation unique only insofar as it came to public attention, thanks to Zanca’s explicit and open prejudices, and her sharing her revoltingContinue reading “Bias Against Black Teachers in the DOE”

The UFT Won’t File Grievances

If Educators Can’t File Grievances, Do We Have a Union Contract? Over the week of March 9, it became increasingly clear that schools needed to close in New York City. Schools were already closed or closing in many states and Greater New York, as the most densely populated metropolitan area in the country, was atContinue reading “The UFT Won’t File Grievances”


NO EXCESSING FOR 2020-21 With the Mayor and Governor proposing steep budget cuts to schools for 2021, MORE calls on the DOE to do everything possible to focus cuts to central offices, not cut funding for schools that will lead to staff layoffs or excessing. While we continue to demand new statewide taxes on theContinue reading “NO EXCESSING FOR 2020-21”

Is the contract suspended?

Online Forms for Chapter Leaders File a Step 1 Grievance Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the online grievance process is suspended. You are encouraged to attempt informal resolutions in the meantime. If you have any questions, please contact the UFT at 212-331-6311. ******************************* UFT chapter leaders who attempted to defend their members’ rights by filingContinue reading “Is the contract suspended?”

Protecting our rights in a contractual never-never land

By Kit Wainer Retiree, former Chapter Leader, Leon M. Goldstein H.S. What rights do UFT members have when there is no school to which to report and traditional program rules don’t seem to apply? MORE’s committee on working conditions under remote learning met on March 24 to address problems members are facing trying to navigateContinue reading “Protecting our rights in a contractual never-never land”

Victory on December 23rd!

We, the members of the MORE-UFT Caucus (Movement of Rank and File Educators), are proud to announce that the Department of Education heard the demands of parents, students and school staff today to make Monday, December 23, 2019 a part of the Winter Vacation. Our online petition collected over 32,700 signatures, and it is clearContinue reading “Victory on December 23rd!”

Candidate Statement: Jia Lee, MORE nominee for Vice President of Special Education

I have been a proud NYC special education teacher since 2002. At the same time, I have to admit that we face untenable conditions. Currently, there are systemic shortages of time, resources, and staffing. Many of my colleagues and our students with special needs feel that they are not being heard or respected. We, theContinue reading “Candidate Statement: Jia Lee, MORE nominee for Vice President of Special Education”

Candidate Statement: John Antush, MORE nominee for Vice President of High Schools

I’m proud to be a UFT member, but we should not sit back and depend on top UFT officials or Mayor De Blasio to resolve problems that affect us as educators. As UFT rank-and-file members, and as working people, we have to organize from the bottom-up for the conditions that would make safe, culturally-relevant, meaningfulContinue reading “Candidate Statement: John Antush, MORE nominee for Vice President of High Schools”