MORE Statement on UFT August 19 Press Conference

MORE Statement on UFT August 19 Press Conference  We welcome UFT President Mulgrew’s stated—though delayed—consideration of using job actions to prevent an unsafe and underfunded reopening of schools. We appreciate that he echoed many of the demands we have been articulating since May and are proud that our advocacy helped push UFT leadership to takeContinue reading “MORE Statement on UFT August 19 Press Conference”

Give Credit for Cancelled Regents Exams!

**UPDATE**: The Regents Exams have been cancelled! Thank you to those who have demanded justice on this issue. However, the fight continues. We need to make sure that all current students are not penalized for the cancellation of the June 2020 Regents Exam. Such graduation requirements should be waived for all students currently enrolled inContinue reading “Give Credit for Cancelled Regents Exams!”