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This is the original resolution presented  by MORE/New Action to UFT Executive Board at the 3/20 meeting on behalf of the school.

The amended version that passed is below it:

Whereas Junior High School 145 is a school serving a low-income, immigrant community in the Bronx with 20% of the students living in homeless shelters or temporary housing; 21% have learning disabilities, 18% have gone extended periods of their lives without any education at all and over 40% English Language Learners, but has only one full-time ELL teacher,

Whereas JHS 145 was designated a renewal school by NYC DOE two and a half years ago, but has yet to receive all the services its students were promised under that program,

Whereas JHS 145 has been forced to give up their classrooms, computer labs and other resources to a Success Academy charter school,

Whereas Success Academy charter school has already advertised additional seats for the 2017/18 school year in JHS 145,

Whereas there has been no stability in school leadership, with three principals in recent years, including one that plead guilty to attempted grand larceny and paid $21,080.83 in restitution and a $5,000 fine.

Be it resolved that UFT take a public stance against the closing of JHS 145 by organizing and mobilizing with the chapter, parents, and community for a march and rally at DOE headquarters to pressure Chancellor Farina into halting the closure.

Be it further resolved that the UFT will adjourn the March 22nd Delegate Assembly at 5:30pm and encourage all delegates to attend the Panel For Education Policy in order to voice our opposition to the closing of JHS 145.

UFT Staff Director and leader of Unity caucus Leroy Barr spoke in favor of the resolution, but amended the two resolveds. The version that passed includes all the “whereas”, but only has one resolves:

Be it resolved that the UFT will continue to take a public stance against the closing of JHS 145.

Barr assured MORE/NA that he will urge delegates at the DA to attend the PEP during his report and there will be UFT officers at the PEP.

Full report of the Executive Board here by Arthur Goldstein

Please consider printing out this two-sided flyer and distributing it to the UFT members in your network. It includes upcoming events to allow your colleagues to plug into the work MORE is doing across the city. It’s time to wake the sleeping giant of the UFT to defend our students, our members, and our schools against Trump, Cuomo, DeVos, “Right to Work”, and whatever else the enemies of public education have in store for us.

"UFT Members: Save Our Union!" "March Events"


From April 7-8, the New York State Union of Teachers (NYSUT) will be holding its triennial elections at the Representative Assembly in New York City at the Hilton. Most of us are not aware that New York City represents approximately a third of the voting delegates, all members of the Unity caucus/UFT, and it is the dominating force at the state level that has made many smaller locals join forces to form the first ever opposition caucus called Stronger Together.

MORE took part in the formation of ST caucus three years ago when we ran six At-Large positions for the NYSUT Board of Directors alongside our ally, Beth Dimino, from Port Jefferson Station, Long Island. Arthur Goldstein, now one of seven MORE members who secured a UFT high school executive board seat, ran for Executive Vice President of NYSUT. (Watch Lauren Cohen and Mike Shirtzer’s speech:

Three years later, the Stronger Together Caucus has new leadership with one MORE representative serving on its executive board. They are running four candidates for five officer positions. Michael Lillis, president of the Lakeland Federation of Teachers, serves as director of ST and is running for NYSUT President. Bianca Tanis, is running as Executive Vice President, Megan de la Rosa for 1st Vice President and Nate Hathaway for Secretary/Treasurer. The opposition, on the other hand, comprises members from the Unity power structure. Current V.P. and Unity loyalist, Andy Pallota, is running for President along with four other candidates. With five officer positions up for grabs, ST caucus has left one open, guaranteeing it for a Unity candidate.

ST caucus sent out a preliminary call for nominations via email and social media. There is a lack of clarity around whether MORE members from NYC would be considered for an officer position had anyone been nominated, since the executive board voted to attempt a negotiation with Unity Caucus in their vie for positions. At the same time, ST indicated that any at-large candidates (non-officer) from any local would be included on their campaign literature.* This issue has sparked tension between members of MORE and statewide allies who have worked together around supporting opt out, decrying the teacher evaluation system, and calling out our union leadership for spending  Vote-COPE funds on the election of  pro-privatizer politicians.

Before you read on, it is important to remember that democracy is messy. It involves the ability to acknowledge that there will be more than one point of view, but ultimately, it is up to us to come to a common understanding. Here are some perspectives, and we invite MORE members to weigh in:

  • The goal of the ST executive board is to take over the leadership of the Unity entrenched NYSUT, and to them, it means working within its current power structures. They are confident they can win based on their positions and track record on key issues, such as opt out, teacher evaluation system and working with state parent groups to identify and promote elected officials.
  • Individual MORE members have expressed their personal opinions on their existing blogs. The viewpoints expressed range from complete disagreement with the ST executive board to support for the candidates based on the strong sentiment that we must have a different leadership. One major point of contention is the ST Executive Board’s decision to entertain a negotiation with Unity Caucus.

These are uncertain times, and to build a strong, democratic union, we must resist the current threats to our working conditions. Therefore, we invite fellow members of MORE to weigh in on how MORE should position itself in the current NYSUT elections in the comment section below or email

*The deadline to register as a nominee was February 9.

The following letter was sent yesterday by the MORE and New Action Caucuses and our representatives on the UFT Executive Board.  We hope that our supporters and will join us, and the UFT leadership, at the hearing today, March 10, and the PEP meeting on Wednesday March 22nd. 


March 9, 2017

Parents and MORE members support CPE 1 Chapter Leader Marilyn Martinez. The hearing continues today, March 10th at 100 Gold St. in Manhattan at 10am.

Dear President Mulgrew, Vice Presidents Alford, Hinds, and Mantell and Assistant Secretary Barr:

As you know, our union, and the labor movement as a whole, is under major threat by the anti-labor initiatives promised by the Trump administration, as well as by the inevitable return of a case like last year’s Friedrichs to the Supreme Court.

In such an environment, it is crucial that the rank and file members of our union see that the UFT is at the front lines fighting to defend members publicly at every available opportunity.

There are two important opportunities to do so in the coming days that our union leadership must act on.

First, the Chapter Leader of Central Park East I, Marilyn Martinez, is facing 3020A charges which are clearly retaliatory from the abusive principal Monika Garg.  Fifty parents and UFT members attended the first two days of hearings last week.  We ask that you or Elementary Vice President Karen Alford attend the final day of the hearing this Friday, March 10 in order to send a clear message to the DOE, the arbitrator, and UFT rank and filers that the UFT supports this chapter leader. We further ask you to offer the assistance of the UFT press office in publicizing this defense.  We further ask that you intervene personally with the chancellor around this case. If we do not defend our chapter leaders publicly and strongly, we may soon not have a union to defend at all.

Second, JHS 145 in the Bronx is facing a closure vote at the Panel for Educational Policy meeting on Wednesday March 22nd. The largely immigrant school community has mobilized to oppose the closing. As unionists committed to defending public education, we must join our voices with those of parents, students and teachers in opposition to this proposed closure. The Delegate Assembly scheduled for that day should adjourn early to allow Delegates, Chapter Leaders and the union leadership to attend the nearby PEP Meeting en masse.

In Solidarity,

UFT Executive Board members high school division

KJ Ahluwalia

Arthur Goldstein

Ashraya Gupta

Jonathan Halabi

Marcus McArthur

David Rosen

Mike Schirtzer

Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE caucus UFT)

New Action Caucus UFT



Did you know that women around the world are taking action on Wednesday, March 8 against the Trump administration and the sexist policies it represents?

Show your support now on Facebook 

In a followup to the January 21st outpouring of protest during the National Women’s March and sister marches globally, organizers have called for a Global Women’s Strike on March 8th.

Please wear red on Wednesday, and join the rally at Washington Square park after school on at 4pm

RSVP here to meetup with fellow educators.

Thank you for these suggestions from MORE members at MS324 for what teachers can do during the day of action on Wednesday.


A toolkit for educators and school communities to support and stand with those who are undocumented and immigrant students and their families. Inside you will find resources such as activities, lessons, articles, and “know your rights” links to share and use in in your class-room. Please share out over your social media. #ImmigrantRightsSyllabus #NoBanNoWall #HereToStay #Unafraid #weallbelonghere #publicschoolproud #eduationnotdeportation #immigrantdayofaction

Education Not Deportation

Educators and Students Ask Chancellor Fariña to Take Immediate Action!




New York City’s public school students, parents, educators, and supporters are requesting that Chancellor Carmen Fariña take immediate action to protect them from anti-immigrant actions by the federal government at the February 28th Panel for Education Policy at the Prospect Heights Educational Campus.


An estimated 345,000 public school students are the children of undocumented immigrants, according to the Fiscal Policy Institute. Students are approaching their teachers and counselors  overwhelmed with the fear of being deported or having family members deported.


Chancellor Fariña is the daughter of immigrants and has actively advocated around the issues facing students and families who have come to our shores in pursuit of the American dream throughout her career. She reiterated after the November election, “The outcome of the Presidential election has left many youth and adult members of our community feeling confused or anxious. Undocumented immigrants and their families, LGBTQ students and staff, Muslims, people of color, and members of other religious, racial, or ethnic groups may be feeling particularly vulnerable during this time. In recent days Ms. Fariña has issued a letter school communities informing them of their rights and how to obtain legal help. While we applaud this first step, the Chancellor, the PEP and the Mayor must do more; the time to stand with immigrant New Yorkers is now!


Community members will join with the United Federation of Teachers’ request for the creation of an immigrant liaison position in every school to advise students of their rights, direct them to agencies for assistance and coordinate services in case of deportation proceedings. Also, they will join calls for a webpage on the DOE website with resources regarding immigration rights, with clear and transparent protocols for what schools can do to support and protect those who are undocumented. They will ask the Chancellor to issue a public policy that schools are safe-zones and ICE agents must secure permission before ever entering a school building.

In addition, educators will call for a curriculum that reflects the diversity of our student body and embraces our values as a multicultural and multilingual community.


Another request will be that the Chancellor do everything in her power to urge the state government to pass the New York Dream Act. Community members will ask the Chancellor and PEP to call for an end to the practice of arresting New Yorkers for minor violations and zero tolerance policies in our schools that can put our students in jeopardy of deportation. When federal policies are creating a horrific climate of fear and xenophobia, local governments have power to protect our students and their families.


On February 28th students, teachers and community members, will be available for comment at 5:00pm Dr. Ronald McNair Park across from Prospect Heights Educational Campus, Brooklyn New York.


Supporting organizations include:




Teachers Unite

New York State Youth Leadership Council



New Action-UFT