Can you distribute the new MORE leaflet on Contract Strategy?

Check out the latest leaflet featuring a piece on whether the Red State teacher revolts could happen in New York City.  Please print copies for your coworkers, and if you are a high school teacher, bring copies to Regents’ grading sites. Please contact us – – if you would like to help distribute at […]

New Teacher Evaluation Bill is all Smoke and Mirrors

by Jia Lee, Chapter Leader, The Earth School Contrary to what its proponents claim, the New York bill on state assessments and teacher evaluations (A10475/S8301) does not eliminate using student scores on standardized tests to evaluate teachers. It just makes high-stakes testing for teacher evaluations subject to collective bargaining, while keeping the ranking of schools […]

Janus, The UFT, and the KT Extinction

In 2014, UFT leadership watched the Friedrichs case come at them (and all of us) like dinosaurs watching the extinction-causing comet hurtling towards earth.  They stared slack-jawed, and did nothing outside of introducing a hashtag or two and a tepid social media campaign. That extinction-level event was dodged (through no effort of their own), and, […]

Wear #RedForEd to support striking Arizona teachers on Thursday!

For weeks, teachers in Arizona have been wearing red on Wednesdays and “Walking In” together into their schools in a show of solidarity for public education.  In response, AZ Governor Ducey promised a pay raise by 2020 – but in a statewide vote last week teachers decided that the promises were not enough and they […]

Commissioner Elia and the Board of Regents Continue to Fail New York’s Children; Parents Demand the Immediate Removal of Commissioner Elia

Parents across the state demand that the Board of Regents act immediately to remove Commissioner MaryEllen Elia. It is time the Board of Regents exercises control over the State Education Department to stop the runaway train of anti-public school “reform” that the commissioner represents. Last week’s 3rd-8th grade ELA testing was an epic–and avoidable–fail for […]

Petition to Repeal NYS Teacher Evaluation Laws 3012-c and 3012-d

Please sign and then share the petition to repeal NYS Teacher Evaluation Law. Spread it to the world. Petition to Repeal NYS Teacher Evaluation Laws 3012-c and 3012-d   We must return teacher evaluation to local districts free from state mandates by repealing New York State Education Laws 3012-c and 3012-d.   Evaluating teachers based on […]

An Open Letter to Michael Mulgrew & UFT Leadership from a Manhattan Chapter

Mr. Jason Agosto UFT Chapter Leader High School of Art and Design Mr. Michael Mulgrew President United Federation of Teachers 52 Broadway New York, NY, 10004 March 29, 2018 Dear President Mulgrew and UFT Leadership, The UFT chapter at the High School of Art and Design has been living under distress and oppression for the […]

Urgent Help Needed for This Year’s Opt Out Campaign

Dear NYC Opt Out allies, We signed petitions. Wrote letters. Got on the bus to Albany. All to no avail. Boycott/refusal/opt out—however you phrase it—remains the ONLY tactic that we have to force change so that ALL our children have the enriching, citizen-building public education they deserve. The 2018 NYS ELA test is less than 4 […]