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Press contact/Interview Requests:

Phone: (347) 766-7319

Receive email weekly updates, join our discussion list, and we have an email list for Chapter Leader/Delegate Support – request to be added to any of these at

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The Movement of Rank and File Educators has lots of ways to get involved! PDF version

Weekly Update
To keep all MORE members and allies up to date with current events and activities, including links to reports and updates from our various committees and working groups.

Volume: One or two emails a week

How do I get on? Click here to join the update

: An open listserve for news, announcements, articles and analysis of education and union movement topics. 

If you are REPLYING, with a thought, rejoinder or disagreement, or trying to ELICIT thoughts, rejoinders, etc., do it to the DISCUSSION listserve (below).

Individuals are suggested to limit posts to MORE-News to no more than 5-6 times per week.

Volume: Daily Emails (digest available)


MORE Discussion
An open listserve for discussion and back-and-forth about education, MORE, and the union movement.  Open for all discourse and debate but please try to maintain a respectful tone.  Do not send announcements or news articles.

Volume: Unlimited Daily Emails (digest available)


Chapter Leader Meet Up
Primarily for chapter leaders and delegates. However if you are an aspiring chapter leader or delegate or are active in school based organizing you might be interested in joining. This listserv is for discussing school-based organizing issues and supporting chapter-leaders with answers to UFT/school-based questions and issues.

Volume: A few daily emails (digest available)


If you have suggestions for the weekly update, please write to


 MORE has a number of different committees to help folks get involved.  Meetings and minutes will be publicized in the weekly update, but here is how to get in touch.  Committees are based on the interests of MORE members – if you would like to start a committee, please bring the suggestion to the steering committee.

The Steering Committee makes proposals for MORE’s general membership meeting agendas, and makes decisions for MORE between membership meetings –

The Media Committee handles social media, the blog, press releases, and the production of most leaflets.

The Newsletter Committee produces the MORE newsletter –

The High Stakes Testing Committee works on challenging high stakes standardized testing –

The Chapter Building Committee deals with the ins and outs of school-based organizing –

The Contract Committee is looking carefully at our upcoming contract to help MORE develop a strategy for a contract campaign –

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