2 thoughts on “Events

  1. Date: Thursday, August 13th, 8am-11am
    Location: The New School Auditorium: 66 West 12th Street

    BRIEF: City & State and our partners will gather leaders in education, government, advocacy and business to discuss the implementation of technology in classrooms and STEM curriculum across New York, and the current debate regarding evaluations, testing, school closures and more.


    8:00am – Registration & Breakfast

    8:45am – Keynote by NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina

    9:00am- Panel 1 Introduction: Steve Sussman, President, Curriculum Division, Sussman Sales

    9:05am – Big Ideas in Education

    City & State moderates a panel of officials, experts and academics on improving tech access in and out of classrooms, STEM learning in NY schools, and how to make NY more competitive across the globe!

    Clara Hemphill, Editor, Insideschools, a project of The New School’s Center for New York City Affairs (Moderator)

    Josh Wallack, Deputy Chancellor, NYC Department of Education

    Rashid Davis, Founding Principal, P-TECH

    Bryan Thompson, President , Steps To Literacy

    Steve Sussman, President, Curriculum Division, Sussman Sales

    Guy Vardi, Co Founder & CEO, Matific

    9:55am- Panel 2 Introduction: Tom Hilliard, Policy Director, Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness

    10:00am – Government and Labor Working Together
    City & State moderates a panel of top level education officials and labor leaders on issues like testing, evaluations, schools closures, charters and more.
    MaryEllen Elia, Commissioner, NYS Education Department
    Janella Hinds, VP for Academic High Schools, United Federation of Teachers
    Merryl Tisch, Regents Chancellor
    Evan Stone, Founder, Educators 4 Excellence

    Sponsored by:
    High Achievement New York
    Sussman Sales
    Steps to Literacy
    United Federation of Teachers
    Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness

  2. Tues, Aug 12 at 10am

    APPR ON TRIAL: NYS Supreme Court hearing for Sheri Lederman vs. John King.

    Here is her story: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2015/08/09/master-teacher-suing-new-york-state-over-ineffective-rating-is-going-to-court/

    NY teachers planning to attend in support at the Supreme Court, 16 Eagle Street, Albany before Judge Roger McDonough. There will not be testimony, but there will likely be a long oral argument (probably a good part of the morning).

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