Help MORE get on the Ballot in the UFT Elections!

MORE is running in the Spring 2019 UFT Elections!

Here’s how to help us get on the ballot:

1) Print our petitions
  • There are two kinds of petitions – one for getting our officers slate on the ballot, and the other for placing individual candidates on the ballot.
  • They are intended to print on legal sized paper, but you can print them two sided on letter sized (8.5×11) if necessary. If for some reason you can’t print them, please reply with your postal address and we can mail you petitions. Petitions can be printed on any color paper.
2) Ask UFT members to sign your petition
  • If you are able to collect for more than one person, please let us know so we can ask you to petition for other candidates as well. It would be a tremendous help!
  • Any UFT member can sign either of these petitions, and can sign for any number of candidates.
  • If you can convince your coworkers to help you, this is an excellent way of getting folks involved in the campaign.  But please don’t give other members signed petitions – we don’t want to lose any signatures.
  • We ask that petitioning begin immediately. We will be holding a petitioning training at the MORE meeting on January 26th.
  • Any UFT member can sign the petitions.

3) How to convince people to sign

  • A good way to start is to explain that that the UFT is having elections in April (most members will be unaware that our union has elections). We are trying to give UFT members an option on the ballot that represents bottom-up, social justice unionism.
  • Use our leaflet to explain to folks what MORE stands for.
  • Signing our petition does not commit members to vote for us, it just helps make sure that there is more than one option on the ballot. 
  • We are campaign to try to build a stronger rank-and-file organization of educators.  One of the lessons of the red-state rebellion strikes and the movement in UTLA, is that the better network of members there is, the easier it is to build a movement to fight for the kind of schools that teachers and students deserve
4) Return the petitions
  • Petitions are due back to the caucus on Friday, February 8thStay tuned for directions about how to drop them off or mail them in.
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