UFT Elections Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UFT Elections Frequently Asked Questions Why does the UFT have elections? Federal labor law requires union elections- LMRDA Title IV: “Every local labor organization shall elect its officers not less often than once every three years.” UFT is required to adhere to federal labor law. Why should I vote? The UFT needs an active membershipContinue reading “UFT Elections Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

The Schools New York City Students and Educators Deserve: Vote for MORE in the UFT elections

    PRINTABLE PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_rTIKQeq2LLMzd2UUc0b3pjNHVNUVh1ZUVrWjc1Y05BTEsw/view?usp=sharing   As New York City gives away billions to Amazon and sits on billions in budget surplus we still have an underfunded and segregated school system, and raises in the recent contract fell behind the pace of inflation.   UFT Members and NYC students deserve better. Join MORE in ourContinue reading “The Schools New York City Students and Educators Deserve: Vote for MORE in the UFT elections”

Wear #RedForEd in Solidarity with LA Educators

Unless the LAUSD gives in to key demands of the United Teachers of Los Angeles, the 2nd largest school district in the country, with 40,000 educators will be on strike starting Monday, January 14th.   The strike will shut down public schools affecting 480,000 students. The teacher’s demands include higher pay, smaller classes, more supportContinue reading “Wear #RedForEd in Solidarity with LA Educators”

UFT Chapter Leader Elections

UFT Chapter Leader and Delegate Elections 1. The UFT will announce guidelines for chapter leader and delegate elections this spring. The elections will be held in May or June. 2. Each chapter must have an election committee. Election committee administers the election according to UFT guidelines. The chapter leader or anyone running can not beContinue reading “UFT Chapter Leader Elections”

The “Evil” MORE Must Fight

By Mindy Rosier There are many forces set to destroy public education that we must fight, but fighting this “evil” is near and dear to my heart. I received information last week that there will be a Public Hearing on Success Academy in District 1 on January 8th. I also kept seeing Eva Moskowitz inContinue reading “The “Evil” MORE Must Fight”

The Truth About Charters : We must organize, mobilize, and fight back!

Charter schools continue to receive a windfall to the tune of tens of millions of potential dollars in free space, either in a public school or in a city-subsidized private space, more per pupil funding than public schools, and an essentially unfettered ability to expand at the expense of existing public schools. The charter schoolContinue reading “The Truth About Charters : We must organize, mobilize, and fight back!”