Monthly Study Series

The UFT and the Fight to Desegregate NYC Schools

As calls for the desegregation of NYC schools grow louder, members of MORE and allied groups are coming together to stay informed and learn more. Join us as we look closely at the current state of segregation, hear from activists, and delve into the roots of this issue. If you are curious about how to join the integration movement as an educator, this study group is for you!

Spring 2020 Study Series Schedule:

  • March – The Fight Against School Segregation
  • April – The Origins of the UFT & the Civil Rights Movement
  • May – ‘64 Boycott for Integration and the “Antibusing” Backlash
  • June – Ocean Hill-Brownsville – From Civil Rights to Black Power

March Meeting – The Fight Against School Segregation -POSTPONED!-

We are postponing and rescheduling this study group to mobilize for another event the same evening. Please join us for that and check back soon for information on the rescheduled study group!

On February 27th @ 6:30pm at the Clinton school in CEC2 there will be a meeting on education equity. Address is 10 east 15th street.

Rather than just reading about the issue, we are calling for folk to show up on the front lines in support of parent activists doing the work.

As you all are aware, Chancellor Carranza has met with lots of criticism and dramatized protests. Due to this energy, it is anticipated that this meeting will be disrupted and our physical presence was requested by close community allies of MORE.

As the opposition to desegregating schools is well organized and advocates for school integration will be speaking, we are asked to be present in solidarity with the work CEC2 has been doing with integration and diversity.

If you have one please wear a MORE or BLM in schools shirt!

Please RSVP to if you plan on attending the CEC meeting.

March Study Group Information:

  • Where: LGBT Center 208 W 13th St, Room 202 TBD
  • When: Thursday, February 27th 5:30-7:30pm TBD

March Readings & Other Media

  1. The System that Segregated NYC Schools by Ronnie Almonte
  2. Student Diversity Advisory Group Recommendations
  3. NYTimes Hulu Series- The Weekly – Episode 16 “Segregated City” (Hulu subscription required to watch)

March Study Questions

  • What are the different ways that NYC schools remain segregated today?
  • What are the forces in the city that benefit from and maintain this segregation?
  • How does the segregated nature of NYC schools affect your school and community? Does your school “experience” or “represent” any of the statistics you read?
  • What are the strongest and weakest points of the Student Diversity Group Recommendations?How do you interpret the gaps between the “original recommendation” and the “adopted recommendations,” where they exist?
  • Are there any recommendations missing that you would add?How can activists like ourselves use these recommendations to hold the city responsible for desegregating the system?

Let’s build something together.

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