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The ’75 UFT Strike and the NYC Fiscal Crisis

When: Thursday, May 21, 8pm – NEW TIME!

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Join MORE members and community allies for a discussion of the New York City fiscal crisis of the 1970’s and how the banking elite forced a restructuring of the city’s economy on the backs of working people. This didn’t happen without any opposition however, and in 1975 the UFT rank and file pushed for a strike that was ultimately lost – and was to be the last time the UFT went on strike. These events fundamentally reshaped the city we live in and the UFT of today. With the imposition of Cuomo’s massive budget cuts looming, activists looking to defend quality, public education have a lot of lessons to learn from this history.

Primary Readings

  1. Maisano – The Fall of Working Class New York
  2. Back from the brink: How the UFT saved New York from bankruptcy
  3. Maier – “The Fiscal Crisis and Beyond” in City Unions

Supplementary Readings

  1. New York Times – “I.S. 201 Teachers Are Defying Strike”
  2. Workers Power coverage of the UFT Strike
  3. Dyer – “Rank and File Resistance to Fiscal Austerity” in Final Call: Rank-and-File Rebellion in New York City, 1965-1975

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