Fair Contract NOW! How The UFT Can Get One

Today, June 12th 2012, MORE joins with all union workers of the Municipal Labor Committee in demanding a fair contract now. We will be at the City Hall Rally supporting our brothers and sisters of all municipal unions and workers everywhere. Four years and NO CONTRACT October 2013 will mark our fourth year with noContinue reading “Fair Contract NOW! How The UFT Can Get One”

MORE Statement on Evaluation Plan

UFT Rank and File Says King’s Evaluation Plan Bad for Teachers, Students While Michael Mulgrew launches a campaign to convince the membership that the new teacher evaluation system is designed to help teachers improve and give them a professional voice, Bloomberg is proclaiming victory. The truth of the matter is, this evaluation system is badContinue reading “MORE Statement on Evaluation Plan”

Reports From the Field

Many thanks to the teachers, from all across the city, who responded to our request to share their experiences with the Danielson observation process in their classrooms. The insights below paint a clear picture of a framework doesn’t fit all disciplines, is being implemented by supervisors who aren’t competent enough to do so and, by disrupting ourContinue reading “Reports From the Field”

MORE Response to the Failure to Reach a Deal on Evaluations

As of 2:30pm today UFT HAS announced NO DEAL on evaluations. The rally outside the DA is directed against the junk science teacher eval schemes that are being foisted upon us, and demands that the rank and file have a say in a ratification of any agreement. It calls for our union to end theContinue reading “MORE Response to the Failure to Reach a Deal on Evaluations”

MORE Statement on the Pending Evaluation Agreement Between the DOE and the UFT

Dear MORE members, allies, and all our UFT brothers and sisters, The indications are very strong the UFT leadership will reach an evaluation agreement with the Department of Education in just a few days. Because of this, we wanted to take a moment to repeat the position of the Movement of Rank and File EducatorsContinue reading “MORE Statement on the Pending Evaluation Agreement Between the DOE and the UFT”

Why we oppose the release of test-based teacher evaluations

Please help copy and distribute a hard copy of the this statement (with our summer series schedule on the back) to your coworkers As students and teachers finish up the school year in sweltering heat, legislators in Albany closed their legislative session by passing a new law regarding the public release of teachers’ performance evaluations. In reactionContinue reading “Why we oppose the release of test-based teacher evaluations”