Parents and Teachers Agree: It Is Too Soon To Go Back into School Buildings

By: B. Kaiser, Tajh Sutton, Liat Olenick, Kaliris Salas, Medi Ford Imagine you are a student attending a public school in September 2020. You’re excited to see your friends, and as soon as you get to school you run up to say hi, but the dean tells you you have to stay 6 feet away.Continue reading “Parents and Teachers Agree: It Is Too Soon To Go Back into School Buildings”

Moskowitz’s Third Annual Spring Benefit Protest

By Mindy Rosier I broke out my dressy clothes, some earrings, and my red lipstick for last night’s fundraiser for Eva Moskowitz. I was not a guest. As a mere teacher, I could not afford to attend the Third Annual Spring Benefit that began at 6:30 pm. Cocktails and dinner were served and of courseContinue reading “Moskowitz’s Third Annual Spring Benefit Protest”

Why I am a Teacher Activist

#WhyImTeacherActivist By Mindy Rosier I have been a teacher for almost 18 years and the last 8 ½ with the DOE. I am now a newly delegate, however, I do feel it is important to share my story with you all to show you that you don’t need to have an official position to helpContinue reading “Why I am a Teacher Activist”