“Protect Our Schools”

  Events Happening Near You! Do you have questions about current education policies? Have concerns about Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget and how it will affect our public schools? Want answers and a space to discuss the issues? Are you ready to find out how we can  make a difference?    Forums and other events are being […]

MORE Stands Against Common Core, with Parents and Teachers Boycotting the Tests

Tomorrow, April 1st, students across NY State will take the second year of Common Core aligned tests.  Last year’s test administration was a disaster, but continue rollout this year of the standards revealed what a deeply flawed project they are. The resistance, however, is growing: parents are opting their children out of the tests in large numbers, and […]

Number of NYC Parents Refusing State Tests Expected to Triple in 2014

Change the Stakes Changethestakes.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 26, 2014 CONTACT: Janine Sopp, 917-541-6062, janinesopp@gmail.com Nancy Cauthen, 646-438-1233, nkcauthen@earthlink.net Number of NYC Parents Refusing State Tests Expected to Triple in 2014 New York City –What began two years ago as a small pocket of resistance has burgeoned into a full-blown protest movement: public school parents […]

When Parents, Students and Teachers Fight with a Single Voice

by Harry Lirtzman, former high school special education math teacher. As teacher and union activists working inside the framework of a deeply undemocratic union and against the formidable resources available to the implacable “corporate school reform” movement it is inevitable that we momentarily lose heart, even hear a cynical “voice” from inside ourselves about protecting public […]

More Than a Score: Talk Back to Testing


Protest HIGH STAKES TESTING and Putting Back the ‘PUBLIC’ in Public Education

Whether or not your children took the state tests, please join a rally in front of Tweed on FRIDAY 4/26 at 4pm to protest the ways that high-stakes testing is robbing our children of a decent education!  BRING THE KIDS! RALLY  CLEANING UP the MESS of HIGH STAKES TESTING and  Putting Back the ‘PUBLIC’ in […]