Resolution to Unite in Defense of Teachers Under Attack

The MORE caucus will present this resolution at today’s UFT Delegate Assembly. Tomorrow we will publish our DA report. Whereas, educators are fearful of reporting detrimental working and learnings conditions established by principals who work in a dictatorial Whereas, our contract provides due process for all UFT members; and Whereas, whistleblowers such as Francesco Portelos […]

THIS Is Our Moment!

Dan Lupkin Special Education Teacher/UFT Delegate PS 58, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn MORE is the bellwether, the authentic voice of working educators in NYC. This is Our Moment! We are on the right side of history, several steps ahead, waiting for politicians and union leadership to catch up. Current events bear this out; after the excesses […]

UFT DA Report 2/5/14

By James Eterno Teacher/Chapter leader: Jamaica High School Our monthly report from the UFT Delegate Assembly BIPARTISAN AGREEMENT HIGHLIGHTS FEBRUARY DA There were only two resolutions at the February UFT Delegate Assembly meeting and they both passed unanimously.  The first was to endorse Tom Brown for election as a Teacher-Member of the Teachers’ Retirment Board […]

Some Lessons of Previous Contract Struggles, Part 2

By Kit Wainer Chapter Leader, Leon M. Goldstein High School In part 1 we explored the ways in which UFT contracts have riveted the attention of union members toward their union and toward their contract. In 1995, for the first time in the union’s history, the membership voted down a contract package that UFT leaders […]

January DA Report- Cuomo Endorsement Not Ruled Out

By James Eterno Chapter Leader Jamaica High School Our monthly UFT Delegate Assembly Report   DA REPORT: UNITY DECLINES TO RULE OUT A CUOMO ENDORSEMENT Michael Bloomberg, the anti-public education mayor, has left office after twelve years where he almost destroyed our public schools.  An anti-public education, anti-worker governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, is up for reelection later […]

MORE Calls on the UFT Leadership to Follow the Rules

Dictionary definition of debate: To discuss a question by considering opposed arguments. UFT Delegate Assemblies are awash in a sea of undemocratic procedures. One of the most egregious has been the abuse of the rules that govern debate. The leadership and its UNITY Caucus supporters have 100 minutes to present their case plus a 10-minute […]

Why I think the UFT should REALLY fight “Advance” (Part 2): Speaking Up at the Delegate Assembly

by Megan Moskop Teacher/UFT Delegate M.S. 324- Patria Mirabal Note: I am an active UFT and MORE member because I believe that our union can be a powerful voice for the teaching profession, the quality of our education system, and ultimately the quality of our society.  Though I am critical of our current UFT leadership, […]

Why I Think the UFT Should REALLY Fight “Advance” (Part 1)

by Megan Moskop Teacher/UFT Delegate M.S. 324 Patria Mirabal, Washington Heights On Wednesday, November 20th, the MORE caucus brought our Resolution for an End to the New Evaluation System (Advance) to the UFT’s Delegate Assembly. I came to the meeting prepared to present our resolution and ask that it be placed on the agenda for […]

UFT Rejects Repeal of Evaluation Scheme

UNITY DOMINATED UFT DELEGATE ASSEMBLY VOTES FOR MINOR TWEAKS IN THE TEACHER EVALUATION SYSTEM WHILE MORE CAUCUS CALLS FOR REPEAL OF EVALUATION LAW  By James Eterno Chapter Leader- Jamaica High School   The positions of the two main  caucuses (political parties) within the UFT on the topic of teacher evaluations emerged clear as day at Wednesday’s UFT Delegate […]