Let’s Be Honest: The Digital Divide for NYC Students Remains Wide and Deep. What Needs to Change?

On April 15th, NYCDOE Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza spoke alongside high level administrators and heavy weights from the education technology (edtech) industry about the move to Remote Learning during this COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar hosted by Tech & Learning was billed like so: “Hear how the NYC DOE launched a remote learning program in theContinue reading “Let’s Be Honest: The Digital Divide for NYC Students Remains Wide and Deep. What Needs to Change?”

“Davonte’s Inferno” Reading to Benefit MORE

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 6:30-8:30 P.M. Nuyorican Poets Cafe 236 E. Third St. New York, New York $10 at the door, proceeds to benefit MORE

MORE on SchoolBook: Cut Waste at NYC DOE Before Negotiating Teachers Contract

MORE Member Harry Lirtzman, former high school special education math teacher and former deputy state comptroller, speaks out about the bloated and wasteful DOE budget on Schoolbook.org, in a followup to his piece for MORE on the UFT contract negotiations. Check it out here: http://www.wnyc.org/story/opinion-cut-waste-coming-table-over-teachers-contract/

For Our Children’s Sake: Treat OTs and PTs Fairly

Sign the Petition! Occupational and physical therapists are an unseen part of New York City’s education community. But without OTs and PTs, thousands of the city’s promising – yet disabled – students would fall through the cracks. That’s why we’re alarmed that these therapists continue to be valued less than their equally critical peers: theContinue reading “For Our Children’s Sake: Treat OTs and PTs Fairly”

More Than a Score: Talk Back to Testing


Media Lapdogs: NYCDOE and the “Bad Teacher” Witch Hunt

There they go again. The newspapers are filling their pages with stories about “bad teachers”. The mayor is on the airwaves complaining about the UFT and City Hall is suing the Union. Sound familiar? It’s all part of this mayoral administration’s continued push to transform the profession of teaching into an ‘at-will’ job, so thatContinue reading “Media Lapdogs: NYCDOE and the “Bad Teacher” Witch Hunt”

Regents Scoring Debacle – Trouble for English Language Learners

The following is an op-ed written by MORE’s Joanna Yip about the effect of the Regents scoring problems on a particularly vulnerable population. Dear Editor, Yesterday, SchoolBook, the Daily News, and Gotham Schools reported on the Regents scoring debacle that is unfolding all over the city. I would like to call attention to the waysContinue reading “Regents Scoring Debacle – Trouble for English Language Learners”

Was the SESIS Decision a Victory?

MORE congratulates the UFT for the financial compensation they’ve earned our Special Education colleagues across the city. The SESIS case is another example of UFT leadership pursuing the same bureaucratic, top-down strategy it always pursues. Sometimes that strategy yields small victories. Nonetheless, because of this strategy the UFT is losing the war on several fronts.