DA Report: Tenure, Contract, and More Interruptions

by James Eterno, Chapter Leader, Jamaica High School [The following is a compilation of two different reports, originally posted at the ICE blog, about Wednesday’s DA] President’s Report California President Michael Mulgrew opened the June Delegate Assembly by talking about California.  He said the decision of the judge to get rid of tenure and seniorityContinue reading “DA Report: Tenure, Contract, and More Interruptions”

UFT Rejects Repeal of Evaluation Scheme

UNITY DOMINATED UFT DELEGATE ASSEMBLY VOTES FOR MINOR TWEAKS IN THE TEACHER EVALUATION SYSTEM WHILE MORE CAUCUS CALLS FOR REPEAL OF EVALUATION LAW  By James Eterno Chapter Leader- Jamaica High School   The positions of the two main  caucuses (political parties) within the UFT on the topic of teacher evaluations emerged clear as day at Wednesday’s UFT DelegateContinue reading “UFT Rejects Repeal of Evaluation Scheme”