Class Size is a Class Issue: school inequality, class size, and the next UFT contract

by Andrew Worthington, UFT Chapter Leader at M298 Pace High School   It has been 50 years since the United Federation of Teachers, representing New York City’s teachers, has had a contract that included reduced class sizes. Since then, there has been a plethora of research conducted that shows the positive impacts of class sizeContinue reading “Class Size is a Class Issue: school inequality, class size, and the next UFT contract”

Send It Back: MORE, UNITY, and the UFT Contract

Dan Lupkin Special Education Teacher/UFT Delegate PS 58, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Lest we forget, the UFT leadership works for the membership- NOT the other way around. Our dues pay for their salaries, their perks, and the UFT skyscraper at 52 Broadway. Our COPE money buys the “seat at the table” with the politicians, billionaires, andContinue reading “Send It Back: MORE, UNITY, and the UFT Contract”

Solidarity with St. Paul Teachers!

Teachers in St. Paul, MN are preparing for a strike authorization vote on February 24th. The union is holding informational meetings in the lead up to the vote. If the strike is authorized, the union is required to give 10 days notice before calling a strike. The strength and unity of the membership was evident onContinue reading “Solidarity with St. Paul Teachers!”

MORE Takes a Stand in the NYSUT Elections

In April, the New York State Teachers Union (NYSUT-the state association of teachers unions that the UFT is part of) will be having elections. Since UFT/Unity has a great deal of power in NYSUT, MORE was asked by statewide activists in the Port Jefferson Teachers Association to get involved. We are excited to announce thatContinue reading “MORE Takes a Stand in the NYSUT Elections”

Demand Full Retroactive Pay!

For most of the past five years, the city of New York’s workforce has been losing ground. Starting in 2009, Mayor Bloomberg refused to negotiate new contracts for all city workers, effectively establishing a wage freeze while the cost of living in NYC continues to rise. Just over a year ago, city workers brought this city back from Super-storm Sandy. We keepContinue reading “Demand Full Retroactive Pay!”

Solidarity with Legal Services Staff Association

Raun J. Rasmussen, Executive Director Joseph S. Genova, Chair, Board of Directors Legal Services NYC   Dear Mr. Rasmussen: The Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE), the Social Justice Caucus of the United Federation of Teachers, stands with the members of Legal Services Staff Association (LSSA), our brothers and sisters of UAW Local 2320,Continue reading “Solidarity with Legal Services Staff Association”

MORE at NYC Troublemakers School, Saturday, May 18

      Our friends at Labor Notes are having the premier union conference and workshops in NYC this Saturday.Labor Notes is an organization that is dedicated to rank-and-file members, local union leaders, and labor activists who know the labor movement is worth fighting for. They encourage connections between workers in different unions, workers centers, communities, industries,Continue reading “MORE at NYC Troublemakers School, Saturday, May 18”


Teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions. This has been MORE’s stance since our inception. We understand that there is a relationship between the erosion of our rights as workers and the erosion of quality education in our city over the past 10 years. A few days ago, on the UFT website, Michael Mulgrew usedContinue reading “DOES MICHAEL MULGREW BELIEVE THAT OUR TEACHERS’ WORKING CONDITIONS ARE OUR STUDENTS’ LEARNING CONDITIONS?”