The Panel for Education Policy should be empowered to axe charter school renewals

COVID19 changed many things in education except the continued renewal of charter schools’ licenses.  Things need to change. The time to do it is now. We call upon the  Chancellor, NYS Board of Regents and the State University of New York immediately  to deny  charter schools’ renewals  based on recommendations entailed. We also ask thatContinue reading “The Panel for Education Policy should be empowered to axe charter school renewals”

Spring into Action THIS WEEK with MORE!

Wednesday, March 22: Delegate Assembly and Panel for Educational Policy Below find MORE’s Proposed Action Plan for the UFT Delegate Assembly (DA) and Panel for Education Policy (PEP), both of which are happening this Wednesday, March 22. There are two two important issues: Stop the Closing of JHS 145 and Support for the Chapter LeaderContinue reading “Spring into Action THIS WEEK with MORE!”

Immigrant Rights Day of Action

Dear School Staff and Allies, We invite you to participate in our February 28th day of action to protect immigrant students.  We are pleased that Chancellor Carmen Farina responded to public support of immigrant New Yorkers by issuing a meaningful statement describing rights and resources for immigrant students on January 30th. We applaud this firstContinue reading “Immigrant Rights Day of Action”


The School Renewal Program rolled out last November was designed to support “low performing” schools. Since then, a disproportionate number have been the targets of charter co-location proposals. While some have already been approved, more are on the way. This Wednesday three charter school co-location proposals targeting Renewal Schools will be put to a voteContinue reading “WED: VOTE NO ON CHARTER CO-LOCATIONS!”

The “Evil” MORE Must Fight

By Mindy Rosier There are many forces set to destroy public education that we must fight, but fighting this “evil” is near and dear to my heart. I received information last week that there will be a Public Hearing on Success Academy in District 1 on January 8th. I also kept seeing Eva Moskowitz inContinue reading “The “Evil” MORE Must Fight”

Fix our Schools, Donʼt Close Them! Fund our Schools, Donʼt “Fail” Them!

The Movement of Rank and File Educators stands in solidarity with parents, teachers, and students defending their schools against charter co-locations and closures! We are the Social Justice Caucus of the UFT-New York City’s teachers’ union. We are a positive alternative to the current union leadership. Stand with public school parents, students and teachers! OnceContinue reading “Fix our Schools, Donʼt Close Them! Fund our Schools, Donʼt “Fail” Them!”