“The People of Haiti”: Racism within the Global Regents, and The Weather Channel

“I was born a slave, but nature gave me a soul of a free man….”      -Toussaint Louverture On January 11, 2010 Haiti was struck with a massive earthquake at 7.0 magnitude. Immediate horror and fear spread amongst the people living in Haiti, especially those living by the epicenter located in Port au Prince.Continue reading ““The People of Haiti”: Racism within the Global Regents, and The Weather Channel”

Regents Scoring Debacle – Trouble for English Language Learners

The following is an op-ed written by MORE’s Joanna Yip about the effect of the Regents scoring problems on a particularly vulnerable population. Dear Editor, Yesterday, SchoolBook, the Daily News, and Gotham Schools reported on the Regents scoring debacle that is unfolding all over the city. I would like to call attention to the waysContinue reading “Regents Scoring Debacle – Trouble for English Language Learners”

Murphy’s Law and The Regents Grading Fiasco of 2013

By: Two Social Studies Teachers for MORE By nature, social studies teachers do two things: they make it their business to know what’s going on, and they try to answer why is this happening. Perhaps this is why many of the bloggers you read just happen to be social studies teachers. For high school social studies teachers,Continue reading “Murphy’s Law and The Regents Grading Fiasco of 2013”

Regents Grading Fiasco

NYS Regents Exam Grading: Unfair for Teachers and Students   For Immediate Release    This June marks the first attempt at centralizing the grading process for two exams; Global History and Geography and United States History and Government. Completed student exams were placed in a shipping box and sent to be scanned by McGraw-Hill. The scanned version of the examContinue reading “Regents Grading Fiasco”