Not Until It’s Safe: Day Of Action – Monday Sept. 14th

Stop the Mayor’s Reopening Plan! We’re just a few days into the school reopening plan negotiated by the Mayor and UFT leadership, and it’s already clear our communities are in danger. Positive cases around the city have been reported among staff, requiring colleagues to quarantine at a moment’s notice. Staff returned to buildings with sinks,Continue reading “Not Until It’s Safe: Day Of Action – Monday Sept. 14th”

An Open Letter from MS88 Teachers

Open Letter: We are teachers from the school with the first positive COVID-19 test of the 2020-21 school year. The city has failed us and, in turn, the public. What happened to us is a dress rehearsal for disaster for our school communities. Our principal and leadership team are facing an impossible task, and haveContinue reading “An Open Letter from MS88 Teachers”