Calling All Educators! Gather Signatures on the Petition to Increase Teacher Diversity This Week!

Did you know that although more than 67.5% of our NYC students are Black and Latino/a, only 37% of teachers share their background? Did you know that since 2002 that number (based on new hires) has fallen by over half (57.4%), while the number of white teachers hired in the city has increased by 23%? It’s true.Continue reading “Calling All Educators! Gather Signatures on the Petition to Increase Teacher Diversity This Week!”

The March for Justice and Unity

This is MORE’s statement on the march with the Eric Garner’s family sponsored by the UFT Last week the UFT announced sponsorship and support for A March for Unity and Justice.  The march, with Eric Garner’s family at the helm, is billed as a coming together and a call for transparency and accountability in theContinue reading “The March for Justice and Unity”

For Deion

This is a personal statement by a member of MORE. It may or may not represent the official view of the MORE caucus. By Julie Cavanagh Teacher/Chapter Leader P.S.15k One year ago I received a phone call from a former student. After a few exchanged pleasantries he interrupted me to say, “Deion is dead”.  MyContinue reading “For Deion”

Increase Teacher Diversity in New York City

Sign the petition here Petition by Teacher Diversity Committee To be delivered to Carmen Fariña and The New York City Panel for Educational Policy Since the 2001-2002 academic year, there has been a 57.4% decrease in the number of Black teachers hired by the New York City Department of Education, and a 22.9% increase forContinue reading “Increase Teacher Diversity in New York City”

Teacher Tenure Is Good For Students

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 30, 2014 Press Contacts: Jia Lee, Elementary School teacher and Public School parent Mike Schirtzer, Social Studies High School teacher Teachers, Parents and Students Stand Strong for Tenure Due Process Protects Teachers who Protect their Students   Tenure gives teachers the right to stand up for their students’ best interests,Continue reading “Teacher Tenure Is Good For Students”

Disconnected Union Leadership

By Mike Schirtzer Teacher and UFT Delegate: Leon M. Goldstein High School   Like most classroom teachers, I didn’t attend last weekend’s AFT convention. In fact, few working teachers knew it was going on, or had reason to care. Our delegates represented none of what we believe in and nothing that happened there will makeContinue reading “Disconnected Union Leadership”

Who Runs The UFT? Why Are There Alternatives?

On Wednesday July 16th 2014 we are hosting a summer series panel and open discussion on the history of groups that have competed for power and influence within the UFT. We will also examine the implications for MORE. More event Information here Below are readings and video lectures from union/UFT historians on the background of theContinue reading “Who Runs The UFT? Why Are There Alternatives?”

PD over Parents and Students

By Norm Scott and Mike Schirtzer The calls have been coming in from parents and childcare-takers all over the city who are beginning to realize how the new contract will change their lives as the school day gets readjusted in many schools. They tell us there is growing outrage as word spreads. And since parentsContinue reading “PD over Parents and Students”

Summer Series: Discuss, Debate, Educate!

MORE’s 3rd Annual Summer Series: Discuss, Debate, Educate! Join the Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (MORE) for discussions exploring the past, present and future of teacher unionism.  All are welcome! Wednesdays 4:00pm-7:00pm The Dark Horse 17 Murray St. NYC Near City Hall, Chambers St, WTC $5 Drafts & Well Drinks July 16th Who Runs the UFT?Continue reading “Summer Series: Discuss, Debate, Educate!”