Opt-Out: Resolution to Support the “I Refuse” Movement

MORE has endorsed the following resolution and will urge the leadership of our UFT to do the same.   Resolution to Support “The I Refuse Movement” to Oppose High Stakes Testing WHEREAS, the purpose of education is to educate a populace of critical thinkers who are capable of shaping a just and equitable society in […]

Jia Lee’s Senate Testimony on Testing

Jia Lee, who is a special education teacher at the Earth School in Manhattan, testified at a senate hearing on No Child Left Behind (NCLB) on January 21st. As an act of conscience, Jia joined two other teachers last year in refusing to administer high-stakes standardized tests, citing their negative impacts on students. She is […]

MORE’s Jia Lee Testifies in U.S. Senate on NCLB

The members of MORE proudly support our colleague, Jia Lee, who will be testifying at a senate hearing on No Child Left Behind (NCLB) federal education policies on Wednesday, January 21st 2015. Jia has taught at all school levels from high school to elementary school. She currently serves as the UFT chapter leader at the Earth […]

MORE’s Julie Cavanagh speaks out in the Daily News on the Common Core test results

by Julie Cavanagh, special education teacher and ChapterLeader at Public School 15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and MORE candidate for President of the UFT. Originally printed in The New York Daily News on August 15, 2014. Four years ago, a group tied to testing and publishing companies, and bankrolled with Bill and Melinda Gates’ money, brought us […]

MORE Stands Against Common Core, with Parents and Teachers Boycotting the Tests

Tomorrow, April 1st, students across NY State will take the second year of Common Core aligned tests.  Last year’s test administration was a disaster, but continue rollout this year of the standards revealed what a deeply flawed project they are. The resistance, however, is growing: parents are opting their children out of the tests in large numbers, and […]

Number of NYC Parents Refusing State Tests Expected to Triple in 2014

Change the Stakes Changethestakes.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 26, 2014 CONTACT: Janine Sopp, 917-541-6062, janinesopp@gmail.com Nancy Cauthen, 646-438-1233, nkcauthen@earthlink.net Number of NYC Parents Refusing State Tests Expected to Triple in 2014 New York City –What began two years ago as a small pocket of resistance has burgeoned into a full-blown protest movement: public school parents […]

Taking Back OUR Schools March and Rally

Calling all NYC Metro community activists (“voices of resistance”), families, students, civil rights advocates, voters, immigrant families, policymakers and legislators, union members, teachers, and faith leaders… This rally and march is part of the national Testing Resistance & Reform Spring campaign. We aim to support the efforts of parents, teachers and community members to have […]

AFT’s Welcome Change of Heart

by Jia Lee for MORE UFT Chapter Leader of The Earth school Recently, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, surprised many a disillusioned public school teacher with her new mantra: “Vam is a Sham”. This is a major shift from her previous agreement and collaboration with Race to the Top policy enforcers. […]