Mulgrew Surrenders OUR Collective Bargaining Rights

In a recent email to chapter leaders, Michael Mulgrew stated that he welcomes Governor Cuomo’s involvement in forcing an evaluation system on NYC teachers. At a time when teachers are under attack from many quarters, it seems inconceivable that the UFT leadership would cede its bargaining power to the State Education Department. Mulgrew expressed hisContinue reading “Mulgrew Surrenders OUR Collective Bargaining Rights”

How Is the Danielson Framework Being Used at Your School?

Calling All Teachers! Help us file our “Reports From the Field” on MORE’s blog next week! How is Danielson being used at your school? On your colleagues? On you? We are hearing alarming reports about how Danielson is being used against our colleagues all across the city. While we anticipated this occurring, we’re still very concerned with what we areContinue reading “How Is the Danielson Framework Being Used at Your School?”

MORE Response to the Failure to Reach a Deal on Evaluations

As of 2:30pm today UFT HAS announced NO DEAL on evaluations. The rally outside the DA is directed against the junk science teacher eval schemes that are being foisted upon us, and demands that the rank and file have a say in a ratification of any agreement. It calls for our union to end theContinue reading “MORE Response to the Failure to Reach a Deal on Evaluations”

Rally to Demand a Member-Wide Vote this Thursday at the UFT

Join MORE this Thursday to demand a member wide vote on our new evaluation system at 52 Broadway NYC UFT Headquarters on Thursday 1/17 beginning at 3:30 for a rally before the Delegate Assembly (DA). All educators and concerned citizens are encouraged to come and have their voices heard. The indications are very strong theContinue reading “Rally to Demand a Member-Wide Vote this Thursday at the UFT”

MORE Statement on the Pending Evaluation Agreement Between the DOE and the UFT

Dear MORE members, allies, and all our UFT brothers and sisters, The indications are very strong the UFT leadership will reach an evaluation agreement with the Department of Education in just a few days. Because of this, we wanted to take a moment to repeat the position of the Movement of Rank and File EducatorsContinue reading “MORE Statement on the Pending Evaluation Agreement Between the DOE and the UFT”

No Deal for Teachers or Students

Here’s the text of the video that the Unity Caucus of the UFT is airing on local television stations about the new teacher evaluation system: Across the country — from Los Angeles to Newark to Washington — many districts have successfully negotiated new evaluation measures. There is simply no reason New York cannot do theContinue reading “No Deal for Teachers or Students”

Why we oppose the release of test-based teacher evaluations

Please help copy and distribute a hard copy of the this statement (with our summer series schedule on the back) to your coworkers As students and teachers finish up the school year in sweltering heat, legislators in Albany closed their legislative session by passing a new law regarding the public release of teachers’ performance evaluations. In reactionContinue reading “Why we oppose the release of test-based teacher evaluations”

Zero for Two

Please help us distribute this leaflet in your school (click here to let us know where you can get it out) and at the upcoming UFT Delegate Assembly on May 16th at 52 Broadway, 4pm. 0 for 2 The Mulgrew/Unity leadership is batting .000 this year. It has failed to protect us against school closings andContinue reading “Zero for Two”