For the first time in almost five years, UFT members finally have a contract. But almost one quarter of the membership (23%) voted against the deal. Most of the members with whom we spoke who approved this contract only did so because they felt it was the best our union could do. We disagree, this contract doesContinue reading “Disappointment”

Open Contract Count For All

When MORE members reached out to the union leadership about observing the count of the contract ratification ballots, Leroy Barr the UFT assistant secretary and chair of Unity Caucus (the caucus of Michael Mulgrew), offered one observer per caucus of the UFT contract vote. You should not have to be in a caucus to observe theContinue reading “Open Contract Count For All”

Teachers Should Vote No For Love and For Money

By Kevin Prosen Chapter Leader I.S.30 This letter first appeared here in Jacobin A Letter to New York City’s School Teachers  New York teachers should vote no on the proposed union contract — for love and for money. Dear colleagues, I know you’ve given the proposed UFT contract a lot of thought, and have heard aContinue reading “Teachers Should Vote No For Love and For Money”

What happens if we reject this contract?

by Peter Lamphere, member of the UFT Negotiating Committee [Click here for a one-page PDF version of this article to distribute to your coworkers] One of the key questions facing rank and file UFT members at this moment is what happens if we decide to reject the contract proposal from Mayor de Blasio and our leadership.  Few educatorsContinue reading “What happens if we reject this contract?”

The Wait Isn’t Over

By Julie Cavanagh Teacher/Chapter-leader P.S. 15k A shortened version of this was published at WNYC/NPR Schoolbook  The Wait Isn’t Over UFT members and the children we serve have suffered over the last several years due to deteriorating learning and working conditions. The proposed new UFT contract highlights this administration’s commitment to the restoration of collaborationContinue reading “The Wait Isn’t Over”

DA Report- Why Vote No

  By James Eterno Jamaica High School Chapter Leader Report from UFT’s 5/7/14 Delegate Assemebly I am going to dispense with my usual lengthy summary of what President Mulgrew said because you’ve already seen most of it in the UFT propaganda literature or you will hear it when union representatives come to your schools. “Up until twoContinue reading “DA Report- Why Vote No”

UFT Contract – Vote NO Press Conference!

UFT CONTRACT: NOT A DONE DEAL UNTIL THE MEMBERSHIP VOTES NYC Public School Educators to UFT Leaders: “Go Back to the Bargaining Table!”   MORE —  A UFT Caucus — Calls for Educators to Vote No Launches grassroots campaign for “Contract NYC Educators Deserve”  WHEN: Wednesday, May 7 2014, approximately 6:15pm (After UFT Delegate Assembly) WHERE: SW Corner ofContinue reading “UFT Contract – Vote NO Press Conference!”