What’s Wrong with UFT Contract Strategy and How to Fix It

Why does the UFT leadership negotiate contracts that don’t respond to our or our students’ needs? The explanation most often given by the opposition in the UFT has been: the UFT leadership is out of touch, they’ve been out of the classroom too long, so they make the wrong demands, and are willing to acceptContinue reading “What’s Wrong with UFT Contract Strategy and How to Fix It”

New Contract: Retro Delayed = Retro Denied

NEW UFT CONTRACT: RETRO DELAYED = RETRO DENIED WHILE ABSENT TEACHER RESERVES HAVE TENURE WEAKENED By James Eterno Four members of the Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE) sat through a propaganda love fest this afternoon as UFT Chief Financial Officer Dave Hickey, Staff Director Leroy Barr and then President Michael Mulgrew explained our new contract toContinue reading “New Contract: Retro Delayed = Retro Denied”

The Contract NYC Educators Deserve

This is our list of demands that the UFT ought to be mobilizing the rank and file to fight for: Please find the flier for distribution here and an explanation of the process for ratifying a new contract here Improve Our Students’ Learning Conditions: Funding must be made available for Creative Arts (Music, Art, Drama,Continue reading “The Contract NYC Educators Deserve”