We Worked In Hazardous Conditions. We Worked Remotely. We Want CAR Days.

[UPDATE: Want to file a group CAR grievance at your school? See our toolkit here.] We Worked In Hazardous Conditions. We Worked Remotely. We Want CAR Days. On Sunday March 15, Mayor De Blasio, facing declining student and teacher attendance over the previous week, as well as calls for a mass sickout among educators forContinue reading “We Worked In Hazardous Conditions. We Worked Remotely. We Want CAR Days.”

Class Size Limits, Militancy, and the 2019 UFT Contract

The best way to get laughed out of the UFT Delegate Assembly is to ask about lowering class size limits. “The City will never buy it”, “it’s that or your raises, nobody is willing to give anything up to achieve that” etc… I certainly know teachers who would be willing to make some trades forContinue reading “Class Size Limits, Militancy, and the 2019 UFT Contract”

A Contract for Collaboration with the DOE

The general thrust of this tentative agreement (TA)  is to move from enforcing members’ rights and toward greater collaboration with management. Part of this is the large number of joint UFT – DOE committees it sets up. Two of these joint UFT – DOE committees are being set up to formulate “standards,” which are veryContinue reading “A Contract for Collaboration with the DOE”

What Happens if We Vote it Down?

“What happens if we vote it down?” “What will happen if we don’t approve the contract?” People ask and want to know the answer.  Whatever happens, experience says it won’t be the “doom and gloom” scenario that UFT leaders threaten it will be. In fall, 1995, UFT leaders unveiled a tentative agreement with no raisesContinue reading “What Happens if We Vote it Down?”

Vote “NO” on the UFT Contract!

On Oct. 12th  after school, all UFT delegates & chapter leaders were summoned to an emergency delegate assembly to vote on whether or not to endorse the contract they negotiated for us (click here to learn more about how a UFT contract is negotiated and voted on). As we have for every contract in theContinue reading “Vote “NO” on the UFT Contract!”

Eroding public worker health benefits: Teachers and others must fight to protect what they have earned

By PETER LAMPHERE  and DERMOTT MYRIE Most New Yorkers — even public employees — do not follow the ins and outs of health care negotiations between the city and its many public sector unions. So even the most attentive among us can be forgiven for missing the announcement of over a billion dollars of health care give-backs byContinue reading “Eroding public worker health benefits: Teachers and others must fight to protect what they have earned”


For the first time in almost five years, UFT members finally have a contract. But almost one quarter of the membership (23%) voted against the deal. Most of the members with whom we spoke who approved this contract only did so because they felt it was the best our union could do. We disagree, this contract doesContinue reading “Disappointment”

Open Contract Count For All

When MORE members reached out to the union leadership about observing the count of the contract ratification ballots, Leroy Barr the UFT assistant secretary and chair of Unity Caucus (the caucus of Michael Mulgrew), offered one observer per caucus of the UFT contract vote. You should not have to be in a caucus to observe theContinue reading “Open Contract Count For All”

Teachers Should Vote No For Love and For Money

By Kevin Prosen Chapter Leader I.S.30 This letter first appeared here in Jacobin A Letter to New York City’s School Teachers  New York teachers should vote no on the proposed union contract — for love and for money. Dear colleagues, I know you’ve given the proposed UFT contract a lot of thought, and have heard aContinue reading “Teachers Should Vote No For Love and For Money”