What happens if we reject this contract?

by Peter Lamphere, member of the UFT Negotiating Committee [Click here for a one-page PDF version of this article to distribute to your coworkers] One of the key questions facing rank and file UFT members at this moment is what happens if we decide to reject the contract proposal from Mayor de Blasio and our leadership.  Few educatorsContinue reading “What happens if we reject this contract?”

DA Report- Why Vote No

  By James Eterno Jamaica High School Chapter Leader Report from UFT’s 5/7/14 Delegate Assemebly I am going to dispense with my usual lengthy summary of what President Mulgrew said because you’ve already seen most of it in the UFT propaganda literature or you will hear it when union representatives come to your schools. “Up until twoContinue reading “DA Report- Why Vote No”

UFT Contract – Vote NO Press Conference!

UFT CONTRACT: NOT A DONE DEAL UNTIL THE MEMBERSHIP VOTES NYC Public School Educators to UFT Leaders: “Go Back to the Bargaining Table!”   MORE —  A UFT Caucus — Calls for Educators to Vote No Launches grassroots campaign for “Contract NYC Educators Deserve”  WHEN: Wednesday, May 7 2014, approximately 6:15pm (After UFT Delegate Assembly) WHERE: SW Corner ofContinue reading “UFT Contract – Vote NO Press Conference!”