We Need Transparency, Democracy and Accountability (TDA) Protections in the UFT

          More Questions than Answers: We need Transparency, Democracy and Accountability (TDA) protections in the UFT  UFT rank and filers are now faced with an impasse with leadership about their TDA (Transparency, Democracy and Accountability) during the current COVID 19 pandemic. Rank and filers reported to numerous Chapter Leaders that they need protections via aContinue reading “We Need Transparency, Democracy and Accountability (TDA) Protections in the UFT”

Nov. Delegate Assembly Report

November 2014 UFT Delegate Assembly Report A resolution calling for the UFT to support the cause of students in Mexico who have “disappeared” and one calling for Time Magazine to apologize for their teacher bashing cover were passed at the November Delegate Assembly yesterday. The Mexican students had disappeared and were probably tortured and murdered.  Abe LevineContinue reading “Nov. Delegate Assembly Report”

DA Report: Tenure, Contract, and More Interruptions

by James Eterno, Chapter Leader, Jamaica High School [The following is a compilation of two different reports, originally posted at the ICE blog, about Wednesday’s DA] President’s Report California President Michael Mulgrew opened the June Delegate Assembly by talking about California.  He said the decision of the judge to get rid of tenure and seniorityContinue reading “DA Report: Tenure, Contract, and More Interruptions”