The Case for MORE- How Unity has failed!

In this UFT election there is finally an ALTERNATIVE to the union leadership (UNITY) that has dominated UFT politics for decades. Finally there is an opening to begin to fight for what our students, parents, and we as teachers deserve, a union that fights for the schools our children deserve! A Unity Chapter Leader, theContinue reading “The Case for MORE- How Unity has failed!”

MORE Candidates of the Day: Elementary School Executive Board

MORE ELEMENTARY DIVISION CANDIDATES FOR UFT EXECUTIVE BOARD Jamie Fidler, who starred in the documentary American Teacher, has been teaching in the NYC public schools for 10 years, at PS 261 in Brooklyn for most of that time and has been an education and social activist for the past decade. “I am running with MOREContinue reading “MORE Candidates of the Day: Elementary School Executive Board”

Vote MORE In April ’13!

 UFT elections are right around the corner. A MORE leadership of the UFT will mobilize the members through educational campaigns, school-level organizing and member-driven activities such as pickets, rallies and job actions to win: An end to use of student test scores to evaluate teachers. We are opposed to basing any portion of our evaluation system on standardized tests.Continue reading “Vote MORE In April ’13!”

Cavanagh Defends Her Record and Asks Mulgrew to Debate His

By Julie Cavanagh Wow. While having breakfast with my husband and almost nine month old son (who is finally on the mend after more than a week of a fever ranging 102-104 every day, during the same time my best friend’s 18 month old daughter was in the hospital, who by the way, is also a teacherContinue reading “Cavanagh Defends Her Record and Asks Mulgrew to Debate His”

President Mulgrew: Come Defend Your Record

The MORE caucus has requested several times, through several means that there be an open debate between our UFT presidential candidate Julie Cavanagh and Michael Mulgrew who represents the Unity/New Action caucuses. Repeatedly Mulgrew and his caucuses have ignored our invitations. This constant denial to debate should be of concern to all our union brothersContinue reading “President Mulgrew: Come Defend Your Record”

Why We Need MORE

A MORE member and campaign volunteer shares her experience As an activate participant in our UFT MORE Caucus I volunteered my time after school to place MORE leaflets in the mailboxes of teachers within the NYC public schools This would permit the teachers, and staff to have a CHOICE to allow them to make anContinue reading “Why We Need MORE”

MORE’s Campaign Video

We want to spread this video far and wide, let’s make it go viral. Take a few seconds to share the video link on Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, forums, education news sites, and whatever other web sites you frequent.  Please encourage your friends, family  and colleagues to do the same. Let’s build MORE together!  ShareContinue reading “MORE’s Campaign Video”

Positive Alternative Leadership

Educators are facing unprecedented attacks on our profession and our schools.  We have worked over three years now without a contract and with no transparency in the negotiation process. Approximately half of our colleagues leave the schools after five years. In New York City, our anti-union mayor trumpets the denial of tenure to 55% probationaryContinue reading “Positive Alternative Leadership”

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Three Years Ago?

It’s a pivotal question in any election: Are you better off now than you were before the last election? If you are a UFT member, the answer must be a resounding “No!” Under Michael Mulgrew and Unity, we have seen a steady deterioration of our rights, our living and teaching standards, and our prospects forContinue reading “Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Three Years Ago?”