Caught Red-handed Stacking the Deck at the UFT Delegate Assembly

Delegates to last month’s assembly were treated to two long-winded motions (550 words in total) from the floor.  Each of these were for unobjectionable causes (Provider Appreciation Day and Nurse Appreciation day).  One was submitted by a member of the executive board (Tammi Miller) who has two other opportunities each month to place resolutions onContinue reading “Caught Red-handed Stacking the Deck at the UFT Delegate Assembly”

DA Report: Tenure, Contract, and More Interruptions

by James Eterno, Chapter Leader, Jamaica High School [The following is a compilation of two different reports, originally posted at the ICE blog, about Wednesday’s DA] President’s Report California President Michael Mulgrew opened the June Delegate Assembly by talking about California.  He said the decision of the judge to get rid of tenure and seniorityContinue reading “DA Report: Tenure, Contract, and More Interruptions”

Power and Victory in Our Caucus

by: Mike Schirtzer Teacher/UFT Delegate (Leon M. Goldstein H.S.) 2013 MORE/UFT Vice Presidential Candidate “The ones I pity are the ones who never stick out their neck for something they believe, never know the taste of moral struggle, and never have the thrill of victory.” -Jonathan Kozol This quote by the great writer and publicContinue reading “Power and Victory in Our Caucus”

UFT Mayoral Endorsement: Make Sure the Voice of the Rank and File is Heard!

Read the Results of MORE’s Mayoral Race Survey!  The fight to protect and strengthen public education and our unions did not begin with Mayor Bloomberg and it will not end with him. The upcoming Mayoral election in New York City may provide an opportunity to create a shift in local education policy, polices that forContinue reading “UFT Mayoral Endorsement: Make Sure the Voice of the Rank and File is Heard!”